Monday, March 24, 2008

Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time. Ahh! I'm back at last. I get to post again, after a week. Turns out the battery for my laptop is not available, thus, I decided not to buy first. So, I'm using another computer. I won't be able to post daily, but at least maybe I'll try every other day. Anyway, this is a fountain in Fort Santiago. One of the photo assignments given to us was to shoot a picture with a very fast shutter speed. This fountain, of course, was one of the more famous objects photographed by people which represents a fast shutter. This is my version. Took this by: 50mm, f/5.6, 1/200s. This was quite challenging actually. It was almost 5:30pm and it was cloudy, hence there wasn't enough light. I wanted to shoot it at 1/800s to put emphasis on the droplets but it was too underexposed. I didn't want to use flash, so I had to settle with 1/200s. By the way, I entitled this "frozen in time" since the droplets of water were like "frozen" in the air. Our lecturers said that when you talk about shutter speed, you always talk about two words, freeze (fast) or blur (slow).


Anonymous said...

That sure is a great photo. VEry well framed the falling water.

dailyphotographer said...

hi quin, thanks!:D

Travis said...

Great photo. Sounds like you are learning a lot of neat things at this class. Keep sharing your new found information. I enjoy reading about it.

David said...

Great to see you back! Our laptop is broken down too, but a hard drive failure, so I'm using another computer running SuSE Linux (not Windows) to post my blog. THis photo is great, a very good subject and framing, draws your eyes downward with the water. Well done!


David Webb: Photographer

p.s. You might want to check out my new "categories" I've added at the top of my blog template. I'd love to get some feedback if you've got the time - do you like them? THanks!

dailyphotographer said...

thanks travis!

hi david! will check them out!

kyels said...

Yes, it sure is frozen! Nice composition though I'd prefer the top with a little more space.


dailyphotographer said...

hi kyels, thanks for your suggestion!:D

syhcool said...

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