Friday, March 14, 2008

Flowers in the Sky

Flowers in the Sky. I'm back to photoblogging, for today at least. My computer's having some trouble. It's been automatically shutting down after prolonged used, especially when I'm connected to the internet. Then, after I turn it on, I will find out that there is only 3% battery power remaining and even if I use the AC adaptor, it doesn't increase. Hmm, I think it's time to buy a new battery since it's almost 3 years old. Anyway, since I wasn't able to post for the last 5 days, I'll make it up today with 2 shots of fireworks. Both photos were shot on the same day. I took these shots at the pyromusical display at the Bay Area of SM Mall of Asia. They have this during Friday's and Saturday's at 7pm. Good oppurtunity to practice shooting fireworks and for free too.

I was taking pictures using the continuous shooting mode of my D80, handheld. Forgot to bring a tripod. My, was I having so much fun, especially with the fact that wheI was viewing my photos, I realized that they are not "wormy" anymore as compared to when shot with a point-and-shoot camera. I particularly love the light trails on this one they looked like threads. Anyway, that's it for now. I'll go have my computer check to see if I need new batteries, or this could be a virus screwing with my batteries (I hope not). Enjoi! Til next entry!


Anonymous said...

I like the first one best.
If that's your problem, I really think it's time to buy a new battery.

Carole said...

Great shots

dailyphotographer said...

hi quin, yeah i think it's time too. thanks though.

hi carole, thanks for droppin' by!

bertN said...

Wonderful fireworks shots!

lotis said...

your shots are very professional, and beautiful too. flowers in the sky! and also the photo where the leaf is? superb! i have to get me a high powered camera na, hehe

syhcool said...

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