Friday, January 18, 2008

Picnic Table

Picnic table. Took this picture at the picnic area of Camp John Hay in Baguio. The park was beautiful, almost like a remnant of what Baguio was --- a little America (that's what most people used to call Baguio). That's what they used to call it since the city center is more of like a little Quiapo or little Recto these days. I am not saying Baguio is ugly over-all, but from what I've heard from the people who went there in the 90s, Baguio was really something back then, clean, unpolluted and less crowded. But hey, I didn't mind, 'coz I loved the weather.


Digital Polaroids said...

Incredible colors, it makes you want to go there for a chat, a pic nic or just for shooting!

Photowalker said...

Nice shot, very calm & peaceful.

dailyphotographer said...

@ DP - yeah, incredible place ain't it?:D

@ photowalker - they really have a great, relaxing place there.

elay said...

stayed in baguio for over four years - a very long time ago and i liked it then. good place for stroll and everything. but now with SM and all commercial crap - i'm not sure anymore. haven't been there in a while.

Go Baguio! Webmaster said...

Hi Ross, and thanks from dropping by my blog. You're right about the "Little Quiapo" and "Little Recto" look of Session Road right now -- and this is due, not to SM or commercialization (Session Road has always been full of quaint shops) but due to the uncontrolled increase in student population going to our DIPLOMA MILLS around it.

Strong words, I know, But that's the truth about Baguio -- universities attracting clueless folk from the lowlands and stuffing them into teeny campuses with no trees, inadequate cafeterias, no dorms (consideting 50,000 college students are from out of town).

The schools are trashing Baguio and our mayor owns one of the largest.

We are trying to get old Baguio back -- all of it used to look like Camp John Hay.

(Elay, SM has actually done a good job of a pretty building in Baguio).

Thanks for the lovely photo

dailyphotographer said...

@elay - well now, there are a few good places to stroll there not just at the city center.

@ gobaguio webmaster - Baguio has so much potential as a tourist destination, hope you will become successful in changing Baguio to its original state.:D


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