Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Glass of Cold Water

Nothing is more refereshing than a glass of icy, cold water. I love cold drinks. Anyway, took this photo with a Nokia N95. It's almost as good as a digital camera shot, although, to get the desired light, color and texture you really have to adjust the setting manually and cannot rely on the auto-focus function of its camera. I edited this photo a bit though, just to correct the sharpness of the picture. Softened it a bit.


Digital Polaroids said...

You have to know a lot of photograpphy to get a picture like this one WITH A PHONE. Amazing.

dailyphotographer said...

hey thanks for the compliment!:D But i gotta admit N95 is quite as good as an ordinary digital camera, the white balance though, is just a little bit too white.

syhcool said...

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