Monday, March 16, 2009


Okay, this is not the best shot I have of the skyline, but finally! At least a have a night photo of the skyline (at last) with me in it. I could have taken using an SLR, but it would be very awkward for me to set it up there with a tripod in front of all those tourists. It would probably feel as if I were having a photo shoot. This photo was taken using a point and shoot camera mounted on a tiny pocket-sized tripod. Tweaked the levels a bit, but I think it would pass as a good photo. Oh, how I love technology.


bertN said...

It's a great shot with a point and shoot! You're good!

I only use a point and shoot digital camera because it is so compact I can take it anywhere without being too much of a bother.

Missy said...

Nice night shot! I have a tripod but I haven't used it yet, I'm too lazy to fix it hehehe. Keep on posting more photos :-)

dailyphotographer said...

hi bertn thanks, actually that is precisely why i thought of having a small point and shoot, sometimes gustong magtourista mode in shooting.

Hi missy, thanks will post more:D

Angelo said...

Hi - I'm sorry to comment this- i couldn't find contact info. I know this might be a little strange for your blog - but we're trying to spread the word out there among the photography community.  Would it be okay to send you info on a very cool National Geographic Photo Contest and a giveaway op for your site? Please let me know - Thank you. ~ angelo

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