Sunday, May 25, 2008


Mickey. Yet another one of my attempts at shooting a still life - more of like a product shot actually. I shot this in my room with nothing but a flashlight. I think I haven't got it quite right yet. I need more practice - I have failed to properly illuminate Mickey's ears. Anyway, I have to give credit to Mr. Victor Sison, a reknowned paintographer (painter/photographer) here in the Philippines, for teaching us this technique in shooting still life with nothing more than a completely dark room, a tripod and a flashlight as light source. I love this method of shooting. It gives you more freedom to choose the kind of lighting you wish to use and artistically create lighting effects in shooting a subject. It gives you the chance to express yourself in a whole new way.


kyels said...

Practice makes perfect. You'll get the hang of it soon.


Lawstude said...

Nice. I learned something new again. But what I really want to learn is how to shoot well in a cloudy/gloomy weather 'coz rain always seem to follow me.

Have a great week ahead.

dailyphotographer said...

thanks for your encouraging words kyels.

@ lawstude - personally i also have quite a tough time shooting in such conditions, aside from there is not much light, there is a limitation also in the kind of lens i use. But i guess what I have been doing is to manually adjust the white balance of the camera to either cloudy or shade and you have to really boost your ISO to about 800 for ease of shooting.

Carole said...

i think you've done an ok job.

syhcool said...

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