Monday, April 14, 2008

Gawad Kalinga Fun Run 2008

GK Fun Run '08. Yesterday, I woke up early to witness a small yet unforgettable event, 2008 Gawad Kalinga run for a cause. My very good friend, Faye was of course ever present in the 5K marathon together with her mom, Tita Anna. I arrived there around 6:10 AM, just in time to see the runners take off from the starting position (left). The event took place at SM Mall of Asia near the SMX Convention Center. There were all kinds of people who joined, I saw kids, old people, foreigners, airforce personnel, etc. I got a chance to photograph the largest group who joined, a contingent from the Philippine Airforce (right).

But of course, I went there to give support to my friend and her mom. Faye's dad, Tito Jun and I were waiting for them at the finish line. We counted and counted and almost lost hope after about fifty or more runners already crossed the finish line. But to our amazement, surprise, shock and joy, Faye won second place in the 5K women's division. Tita Anna finished 11th (so close), because they were giving gift packs to people who finished up to the 10th place. Anyway, we had a great time, considering this is the first major race that Faye won. Congratz my friend! 'Til the next one!

As a side note, there's one thing I've learned from this. It is quite difficult to shoot sporting events. You have to be at the right place at the right time and since everybody's moving around, you have to have anticipation on what might possibly happen, so that you can be there to shoot it when something extraordinary does happen. Also, I find that using a telephoto lens is more reliable than a standard kit lens (personal preference). Having a telephoto gives you more time to anticipate movement and capture specific events even at some distance. It also gives a great depth of field especially for candid portrait shots.

(Left to right) Faye at the starting line (she wasn't aware that I took her picture, whew! At least I got there just in time.). Tita Anna jogging to the finish line. Faye showing off her 2nd place win. Awarding of the winners for 5km. race. [Some photos have been edited - cropped, etc].

Faye receiving the award (left). Bautista family after the race (right).


the donG said...

congratulations for joining. didn't knew there was a GK fun run.

dailyphotographer said...

actually i think i forgot to mention, i just went there to shoot, im not much of a runner.:D

Anonymous said...

Even not being a great runner, you did well in supporting. Moral support is very important, you know? :)
Specially when we are great runners!

JFargo said...

Sounds like a nice time!

I really like the shot of Faye that she didn't know you were taking. The depth is pretty cool on that, as well as the motion.

kyels said...

Interesting photos!


Anonymous said...

Gawad Kalinga Global Summit this year will be held at Boston, MA. As far I know the event is also set to graced by leading and notable leaders and officials from the Philippine. How I wish I could be there.

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