Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pool Slide

Pool slide. Following up on my previous post, this is a photo of the pool slide at the resort I stayed in last weekend. I am refraining myself from mentioning the place since it might be conceived as an advertisement. I took this picture after having breakfast before actually diving into the pool.

Anyway, I discovered something interesting during my stay here. I mean I've visited this place about more than 5 or 6 times already, I think and it was only last weekend that I found out who the owner or one of the owners of the resort is. All the while I assumed this resort was owned by a rich private businessman but was actually surprised to find out that a very prominent and public figure (politician actually) owned this place. The circumstance in which I was able to find out who owned it was actually quite funny.

My friend and I were having dinner at the hotel cafe the night before, and there was a huge flat screen television at the cafe. It was tuned in to a particular news channel, which I found very boring since it was playing a replay of a prior show. Seeing that no one else other than me and my friend was dining at the cafe, I asked the waiter if we could change the channel. I mean in all the resorts and hotels that I've been too, so far, even restaurants, customers were allowed to change the channel as they please. But to my surprise, the waiter said that it was not possible, since it's the owner's instruction that it be tuned in only to this particular channel. Seeing the puzzled look in my face, he added that the owner was a former employee of that particular channel and instructed them that the channel shouldn't be changed. Then when he told me who the owner was, I was like: "Really?! I mean he just walked pass by us a couple of minutes ago!" So, then I understood why the channel couldn't be changed, but then again, I thought this was quite absurd. Even if you worked for that particular station you can't force your guests to watch only that specific channel. I think that they should accommodate and accede to the comfort of their guests, after all customers are always right. Right? But then, I didn't object, after all it was his resort and maybe he was just being loyal. So I guess he can do whatever he wished with his tv (haha!).


elay said...

the colors of the slides are great..but the rule of the channel switching sucks..

quintarantino said...

Loved the colors on the slide.

narissa said...

and besides it's his tv. but you're right in saying that the customer is always right. if he did not put the tv there, then there's no point to contest.

dailyphotographer said...

@ elay - tnx. about the tv, yeah i know it sucks right.

@ quintarantino - the colors came out great thanks!

@ narissa - yeah exactly :D

Welles said...

Interesting Blog!

David said...

Hi, I found your blog via Angie. You choose some great subjects for your photos! I really love the angle you've got for this slide, with all the "leading lines" coming out from the centre focus point. Great job!

David Webb: Photographer

dailyphotographer said...

@ welles - thanks!

@ david - thank you very much for droppin' by. glad you liked it. wanna exchange links?

Travis said...

Very colorful. Great shot, nice work. I would have never thought of that shot.

Also, I added your link to my blog. Will you do the same?

dailyphotographer said...

hi travis, thanks, I already added you to mu blog list:D


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